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Turkish in Australia


I thought this was interesting to hear about: :)

"Australian schools have begun preparations to offer Turkish language classes to students as of 2016 as part of the national curriculum. From 2016, the language will be offered to students from first grade primary to first grade high school level.

An agreement was reached in 2011 to offer Turkish as foreign language following intensive efforts by the country's 60,000-strong Turkish community."

"Beginning with the next year, students at public schools all over the country will be able to choose from Chinese, Italian, Arabic, French, German, Hindu, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Greek, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Turkish."

Read more here: http://www.dailysabah.com/asia/2015/06/13/turkish-language-to-be-offered-at-australian-schools

June 14, 2015



This is great to hear about! I actually know one of the teachers who has been pushing for this! :D


Oh really? Wow! :)

I was impressed that a community of 60,000 could help initiate such a change - and I bet they will be using this DL class you helped make in the schools too! :)


I know so many Turkish as a Second Language teachers from over the years! There aren't too many actually! And I hope, that would be awesome!


Awesome! That's a greater variety than we usually see in America.

Also, small correction: Hindu is a religion, whereas Hindi is a language. Although that might have been copied in which case, fie on them. :P


Ha! Didn't see that, but yep, that's on them. I fixed one other typo they made, but good catch! :)


I wish I could choose between all those languages. Here, we only have German, French or Spanish. :(


Me too! Those are great choices, eh? :)


Wow...:) And it's amazing how many languages they offer (Korean...)


Pretty cool, eh?

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