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  5. "We have coffee."

"We have coffee."

Translation:Nós temos café.

October 4, 2013



I would not include the sentence 'We DRINK coffee' in a sentence that says We HAVE coffee (though, obviously, one would need to drink it!). Two separate verbs. One has coffee with a meal or a snack. Once one HAS it, one can then DRINK it.


I think it means in terms of we're having coffee, like you would say i'm having dinner as an alternative to i'm eating dinner. Bit confusing to translate from the english version though!


I thought the same because it could mean the same, but we are learning and things are supposed to be said literally. Not supposed to guess.


I didn't know this accepted "A gente tem cafe"


This one isn't clear as it says 'have' instead of 'drink'


I am assuming this is an English to Portuguese translation exercise.

Maybe it isn't well known, but "have" can mean "drink", see item 6 here: http://www.ldoceonline.com/dictionary/have_2. So, I would have thought "bebemos" and "tomamos" should be allowed as well as the more literal "temos".

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