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Це and Цей

In context, how do I know which of these is more correct to use?

June 14, 2015



I'm not a native speaker of English so I might have missed some examples where it doesn't work but I'd say use це when you can replace "this" with "it":

  • This (it) is a cat. – Це кіт.
    I like this cat. – Я люблю цього кота.

  • This (it) is a horse. – Це кінь.
    This horse is small. – Цей кінь маленький.


English also prefers to use "These/Those" for plurals, which is not the case in Ukrainian and Russian:

  • (uk) Це мої друзі. = These are my friends
  • (ru) Это мои друзья. = These are my friends.

The demonstrative used as a subject of the sentences and referring to the object(s) pointed at is always the same це, no matter what.

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