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"Han plejede at tale med sin bedstemor hver morgen."

Translation:He used to speak to his grandmother every morning.

June 14, 2015



This is the saddest sentence I've yet seen on Duolingo :(


Could you also translate this as "He usually spoke...", or would you have to use "tale" in the past tense instead of the infinitive for that? ( - since "plejer" has been translated as "usually" while in its present tense form)


The translation for 'at pleje' as 'usually' is .. not a very fortunate one. 'Pleje' is a verb, of course, and should be treated as such, but the English language doesn't have a present form of 'used to'. You -could- translate the sentence like so, but I would recommend keeping the structure rather close to the given sentence.

The actual translation of 'usually', the adverb, is 'sædvanligvis', so you'd go with "Sædvanligvis talte han med sin bedstemor hver morgen."


What makes thhis past tense instead of usually speaks


Plejede is the past-tense conjugation of "at pleje".

  • Han plejer at gøre... - He usually does...
  • Han plejede at gøre... - He usually did... = He used to do....


From what my Danish friend has told me, I'm not sure "tale" is appropriate in this context. Apparently "tale" has a rather formal tone to it, and speaking to one's grandmother hardly seems like a formal conversation to me. Once I wrote to my Danish friend in an email about him coming over "at tale med mig" and he told me later that that sounded really weird to him because "tale" isn't used for a casual conversation between friends. I think "snakke" would be the word a Dane would use in this situation.

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