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"Do you know how to draw a chair?"

Translation:Ти знаєш як малювати стілець?

June 14, 2015


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Why "намалювати" is wrong?


it is right, you can report


should be right. I reported.


малювати is to paint. рисувати is to draw. Крісло is an acceptable word for chair.


Рисувати is to make a drawing, mostly technical. Рисунок is a sketch made by pencil in thin lines. When you take coloured markers to make a chair - what are you supposed to do, paint or draw? But it is still малювати.


in the dictionary hints of this exercise I learned that there is a way to say "know how", вмієте. I used this new word in place of "знаєте як' and was marked incorrect. Why would someone put a word in the dictionary hints and not accept it in the answer key?


Ти вмієш малювати стілець is quite all right, it should be accepted. Or ви вмієте. Not ти вмієте. Not ви вмієш.

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