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  5. "Níl lón uaibh."

"Níl lón uaibh."

Translation:You do not want lunch.

June 14, 2015



On the previous screen it says, "You do not want lunch", but here it says, "You do not need lunch." Is there no difference between need and want verbs in Irish?


These are not the droids you're looking for


What's the difference in pronunciation between lon and leon (do not have access to the special chars for lon)?

Contextually it's the difference between "you all do not want lunch" vs "you all do not want a lion", but without context, I couldn't tell the difference when just listening to the audio.


After listening to both, the woman's Munster dialect of Leon sounds almost identical to what I'm hearing for Lon [I /could/ get access to the special chars, but it's too much work :) ]. I could tell the difference with the Ulster & Connacht dialects.


As far as I know, the slender L isn't used in Munster Irish like it is in the other dialects, though I'm open to correction.


Wandering through some of the teanglann.ie recordings, it sounds as though the Munster palatalization of slender L is briefer than that of Ulster or Connacht, and sometimes it’s barely discernable. It can be heard clearly in the Munster recording of lionsa (“lens”) because it seems to last longer than usual.


Lón begins with a broad L; leon begins with a slender L.

You can probably get access to áéíóú depending on which operating system you use.


When I type need instead of want as in. You don't need lunch you just had breakfast an hour ago. Why does it get marked incorrect?


I don't know but I thought it was "There is no lunch for you", so at least you were closer than myself.


Sibh isn't you it's ye, they're completely different words! You is single, ye is plural! And before anyone tries to tell me ye isn't a word it is in Hiberno-English, the language derived from Irish! Not having it as an option is ludicrous


Is there somewhere I could find Ulster Irish pronunciations for "Uaim, uait, etc."? Teanglann doesn't have them. Thanks!


"You don't need lunch" Is not being accepted. Is there a reason for that I overlooked? After all, uaibh can mean 'he wants' or 'he needs', right?


How'd ya say "lunch is not from you"?


What does "lunch is not from you" mean? It's certainly not something that a native English speaker would say.


My choice was exactly the same as the answer.


Sometimes "y'all" is being accepted for plural "you" and sometimes it isn't, as in this case. Can this be made consistent? I like having that distinction between singular and plural.


I don't like Duolingo, i click on the words for a hint or something, and then you can just guess what happens next, some gibberish pops up like "at him lunch want" or something similar to that. I really don't know if Duolingo is broken or if it's just an annoying feature. Please help


"You want no lunch" is not accepted. Why?


For the same reason that "You don't want any lunch" isn't accepted - it isn't a translation of níl lón uaibh.

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