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"Usually, my mother sleeps in the morning and she works every night."

Translation:De ghnáth, codlaíonn mo mháthair ar maidin agus oibríonn sí gach oíche.

June 14, 2015



I had two words out of order. :(


I feel for ya. I thought I got everything absolutely right, but put "ar AN maidin" and failed. =/


Why wouldn't it be, "...ar an maidin..." as the Bearla says, "...the morning..."? Áfach, I messed up, "De ghnáth, codlaionn..." I don't really know if what I question would be accepted.


Should the habitual present tense not be used seeing that " de ghnáth" and "gach oíche" indicate an habitual action?


codlaíonn and oibríonn are the habitual present tense.


Sorry, I meant the " I do be sleeping ", and " I do be working " tense, " ( Bím ag obair).

I've been told to use this tense when there is a clear habitual marker in the sentence such as the ones used in the duolingo sentence. Is that wrong?

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