"Why are you not drinking the tea?"

Translation:Çayı neden içmiyorsun?

June 14, 2015

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I wrote : "neden sen cayi icmiyorsun"- Is it a mistake if I put "sen" to the sentence? I thought it is not necessary but you can- or is the order of the words wrong in my sentence?


It is added, next time it will be easier if you report it :)

You can use "sen" in everywhere in this sentence, but it is optional.


Why does Cayi come first? Other answers have been putting Neden first


I wish they bolded the word they wanted stressed so you know where to place Neden, cause knowing its correct, but not being able to be quizzed on what's stressed isn't productive in our knowledge of Turkish questions.


I can see "niye" here ,it also means "why" ,right ? and what's the difference then ?


Yes, "niye", "neden", "niçin" mean the same, there is not really a difference among them. I don't know if it is only me, but I use "neden" and "niye" more often than "niçin".


Ne+den=from what, Ne+için(niçin)=for what; I think based on etymology of these "N questions" there is nuance differences among them, besides niye is more formal form as far as I feel by heart!


"Neden çay içmiyoruz" was marked incorrect


Hello Rosemary

"Neden çay içmiyoruz" was marked incorrect

Why are we not drinking tea? --> "Neden çay içmiyoruz?"

Thank you.

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