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  5. "Çilek şekerin içinde."

"Çilek şekerin içinde."

Translation:The strawberry is in the sugar.

June 14, 2015



Is this correct? / Bu doğru mu?

Çilek şeker içinde. = The strawberry is in sugar.

Çilek şekerin içinde. = The strawberry is in the sugar.

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"Çilek şeker içinde. = The strawberry is in sugar." I am reading the English translation as 'the strawberry is made of sugar." Is that what the Turkish sentence means?


No, this is a case where you can actually take the translations literally. =) "The strawberry is in sugar" doesn't mean "the strawberry is made of sugar" in English. It just means that the strawberry is sitting in some sugar. As far as I know, the Turkish sentence means the same.


'The strawberry is made of sugar.' is 'Çilek şekerden yapılmış.'. But wouldn't 'made from' be better here?

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'Made from' would indicate the raw materials it came from, whereas 'made of' indicates the actual ingredients. Anyhow, that's how I interpret it.

Anywho... I realise now that it's in French where "in sugar/en sucre" would mean "made of sugar".


this sentence has no meaning tbh


Never did this before? Try it, it is delicious


Why şekerin and not just şeker?


'İç' is an area which states inside of something .

Şeker-in içi(Definite noun compund): Inside of sugar(So şeker gets a genitive marker(possesser one)

And çilek(strawberry) is within this area. So it gets a locative marker.


When you use "içinde," its associated noun (whatever would be the object of the preposition in English) needs the genitive case. Here, that's the sugar (it's almost like the in belongs to the sugar), so it becomes şekerin. There's a good explanation in the Postposition tips and notes: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/tr/Prepositions


Why is the strawberry'strawberry's in the sugar wrong? Isn't it the same as the strawberry is in the sugar?


That's exactly what I wrote! Why wrong?

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