"Eu acabei de receber uma carta do Brasil."

Translation:I just received a letter from Brazil.

October 4, 2013

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I think some kind of note should be provided here, clearing up that "acabar de..." can be used the same way as Present Perfect in English for actions that have just finished. Otherwise it's kind of annoying to lose a heart on something we have no way of knowing...


Would anyone mind explaining the difference between using the present and the past tense forms of the verb "acabar"? In this exercise, the translation says "I (have) just received a letter from Brazil" but wouldn't you get the same translation if the Portuguese sentence read "Eu acabo de receber..."? When would you use one tense as opposed to the other with this particular verb?


can someone elaborate on why you need "do" vs "de"? or would "de" work too?


In Portuguese country names are preceded by the definite article with some exceptions. It is "o Brasil", "a Itália" but simply "Portugal" for example. So "do" is needed here, however if the letter came from Portugal you would use "de".


can we use this ''acabar de ....(verbo)...'' phrase for other things as well? can we say something like ''Eu acabei de cozinhar'' meaning ''I have just cooked'' ?

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