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"En tiu ĉi teatro oni povas spekti dancojn kaj teatraĵojn."

Translation:In this theater one can see dances and plays.

June 14, 2015



teatraĵo = theater meat? Joke aside, is the suffix "-aĵ", as used for meat with animals, just a coincidence, or does it mean something larger that encapsulates both forming words for meat and theater plays?


It is used for, in general, "a thing that it produces". So the thing a theater produces is plays


I'm actually quite disappointed the direct translation isn't theatre meat...


How do you know when to use spekti or rigardas?


Spekti is basically "to spectate" in English if that helps.

When you spektas, you are watching someone do something such as performing. When you rigardas, you are just looking at something. There ia a level of involvement beyond just you eyes when you spektas, whereas you can use only your eyes to rigardas


Can one "spekti televidilon," or is watching TV strictly "rigardi"?


In my answer I wrote "ĉi tiu" instead of "tiu ĉi" and was marked as incorrect. Sadly, the Flag/report option does not include the option "My answer is correct". Is "ĉi tiu" actually incorrect here?


I believe the word order for ĉi and tiu are interchangable.


In other sentences it was shown that ci tiu and tiu ci are interchangeable. Apparently not in tis case. Which are the rules? Also what is the ALT code for c with cedilla?


Can I also say artistajxo? Since this is what an actor produces. Or teatristajxo?

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