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what's your favourite scandinavian accent?

Hi friends of duolingo#The question is what's your favourite scandinavian accent Norwagian,Danish or Swedish?

June 14, 2015



Swedish3,Danish1 and Norwegian1


Norwegian! (even though I'm learning Danish, Norwegian is more fun. I wanna learn it when I finish Danish)


I like an old-fashioned Danish accent


i like both Norwegian and Danish accents.


But... those are not accents they're languages, right? (I'm Swedish) Or does accent also mean language?


As you'll know from listening to other languages, each one has a distinct 'sound', hence why I assume people are calling them 'accents' . I presume that is more discussed between the popular Scandinavian languages, because people link them as one common language ( Northern Germanic), with distinct differences in the way they are pronounced. I think it would be better to call them dialects than accents. As they have different grammar, and vocabulary. But I still think in truth they are different languages.I know that to many Scandinavians this might seem odd the way people lump them all together, as they are indeed three separate languages, but each shares a lot of common words and definitely a common history. But to learn to speak each fluently and understand the differences between each country, needs a lot more familiarity than duolingo can give. Accent does not mean language in English, it's the different ways people speak the same language, standard English is considered clear, unaccented and one which you can't really define which part of the UK someone comes from, but it's by no means a better way to speak English, it's just non-geographic. So no, accent doesn't mean language in English at all. Just my opinion mind, other opinions might differ. :D


Swedish, it's just a singing and beautiful language! I have opened my blog to share my Swedish learning notes: https://endlesslernen.wordpress.com/category/swedish-learning/ Please follow ^^

[deactivated user]

    Swedish has the loveliest sound to my ear.

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