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  5. "Hei, alle sammen!"

"Hei, alle sammen!"

Translation:Hi, everybody!

June 14, 2015



why is "hello all together" not accepted? It might not be the best english phrase but I would think the sentence is still translated correctly. German is easier her :" Hallo alle zusammen". You don't say "Hallo jeder"


I've never heard anyone say that in English. You could say "hello all", "hello everybody", "hello everyone", "hello world", but not "hello all together". I guess it's just one of those Norwegian phrases that's not translated literally, like "til og med" or "av og til".


Why is this in an adverbs module?


Because technically «sammen» ("together") is an adverb. It just happens that when the sentence is translated for meaning instead of literally you lose the sense of the adverb being in the sentence.


Is this something you say to any group of people, like "Hoi zäme" in Swiss German?

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