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"For å drikke vin vi bruke glass."

Translation:To drink wine, we need to use glasses.

June 14, 2015



How do you know wether it's 'a glass' or 'glasses' in this sentence? Because sometimes you don't need to use 'a' to say it's 'a glass'.


I think it rather obviously because there is word "we" in the sentence. And it's logical that many people won't drink wine using one glass but many.


The word order here seems very strange to me, as if it's a question. Why is it not ''... vi må bruke glass''?


It's because of the first half of the sentence - it starts with an adverb (for å drikke vin). In these cases Norwegian uses inversion (verb - subject - object), and if the verb consists of two parts, like here, the word order should be like verb1 - subject - verb2 - object. It's a common thing in Norwegian and it will be explained later I guess. :)


The same question came to my mind.


i saw this structure before, it confuses me. Why in some cases the sentences are said differently? like ''må vi'' instead of ''vi må''


What is the "ma" in this sentence's function?


need to is a way in English to express a necessity or an obligation, i.e. must; Norwegian uses its form of must (the modal verb ).

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