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Why don’t we add more options to the profile page? [NEW VERSION] PLEASE READ!

Does anybody here want more room on their profile page? Ever been frustrated because you only had 140 characters on your bio?

Well, there are a few ways to get around it, such as adding a link to a proper bio or using the 'Name' or 'Location' spaces. But the easiest way overall would just be to get Duolingo to add [lots] more space on the bio, or, even better, have more spaces like the 'Name' and 'Location.'

But what about adding more options like the Name and Location? Well, here are some suggestions that I have, but please comment with more ideas! I will review them and add the ones I think are the best! Additionally, please upvote this discussion so that Duolingo notices it and share it with your peers!

Languages we Speak

Of course, a very simple fact about your linguistic profile. A must.

Languages we are learning

Although you can see which courses users have started on their profile already, we don't actually know if they are putting a real commitment into the language. This could also help new users seek out learning partners.

Languages that we want to learn

Again, if you are a teacher in search of a student, this could help. Additionally, Duolingo could use statistics like this to find the demand of certain languages (for example, they never seem to notice that we all want Finnish! #FinnishOnDuolingo)

Completed trees

This feature would probably be automated, to prevent scam, but could also be optional for users to display.

More Social Networking!

You can already connect to Facebook and Twitter, but one thing I've always struggled to understand is why they don't have Google+. I mean, you can SIGN UP with Google+! I think adding other things like Skype would also have a great impact on Duolingo. Additionally, perhaps a link to one's personal website or blog?

Other language learning profiles

Memrise, Mango, Tatoeba, etc...

Small personal info

Gender, birthday, etc... I mean, we have location, so I don't think that these would be too bad. Again, TOTALLY optional, just like everything else on this list.

If this is too much work for Duolingo, I don't think it would be too hard to at least extend the bio limit to 500 characters (or more).

IN CONCLUSION, I think it would have a great effect on Duolingo if users had a wider option of telling the community about themselves on their profiles, and mainly about their linguistic learning life.

Thanks for your time.


June 14, 2015

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<h1>Next thing you know, Duolingo will turn into Instagram or Facebook.</h1>

(See the mobile app QuizUp as an example)


While other features would be "nice", the question to ask is: "Would they further and enhance the experience of Duolingo, or would they just boost Duolingo's user numbers by attracting people from Facebook?" Let's not forget the role of Duolingo: to teach languages for free.

One of those features listed that could enhance the Duolingo experience could be Social Networking, but only if it was used as a medium to have a conversation about or in a language those people are learning. I think that would be cool, but you can already do it on your profile stream. Speaking of profile streams, how about adding a feature where you can have a private conversation with only those who you allow in?

Seeing languages that you want to learn and completed trees would be nice. But of what relevance are birthday and gender? If someone wants the Duolingo community to know that information, they can already put it on their bio. Speaking of bio, the limit on characters is a bit draconian.


Yes, just like QuizUp! Have you played it before, cause I still kind of do. I'm level 156 at Name the Flag, okay that's enough info... but QuizUp was a great example!


Languages we speak (and level, e.g. Native, Fluent, etc.)

This could go in the bio.

Languages we want to learn or are learning - this would help Duolingo find out what languages people want here

This could also go in the bio.


It would be too much personal information, in my opinion.

other social networking (Google+, Skype, etc)

Yeah, that would be nice. Also, maybe there could be a link to one's personal website.


Maybe, but does it really matter? If anything, you can add a gender symbol to the end of your bio. It's only one character.

I think Duolingo should just make the bio longer. It would be an easy thing to do.


I get what you mean about the languages going into the bio, but not everyone does it and having a proper space for it would make it easier to see straightaway :P


Yes! This was why I suggested this, so that we would have more freedom in our bio, rather than feeling pressured to choose exactly the right words :)


You can't fit everything into 140 characters.


They should just make the bio longer.


I agree with all but one point: a separate input section for languages we want to learn could be more useful (for Duolingo) than including them in the bio - by making this a list based choice they could easily gain data on which languages would be popular (if they want that information - but as the incubator is driven by quality contributors, not by which languages people want to learn, the value of that data is anyone's guess). This information is much harder to extract from a text field such as the bio. Display is another matter - it could tag onto the bio (and would be fine there, as m.tastic suggested), or it could be in a separate section.


I think gender could be useful when figuring out which pronouns to use for someone. You also can't just use one symbol if you're gender queer.


There are a variety of non-binary gender symbols.


It could be kind of a pain to figure how to type one, though. I'm also not so sure about their recognizability.


Their recognisability will probably not increase if they're never used! :P


I don't know how to type any gender symbols on my computer, not even the male/female ones. And most of the genderqueer symbols are combinations of the male and female symbols. I think people will get the idea.


Gender and pronouns are completely different things. Pronouns are what we need to know to use for someone, and you cannot figure out someone's pronouns with symbols or even from someone's gender, because anyone of any gender can use any pronouns. Solution: just stick what they are in the profile. Example: she/her, he/him, they/their, fae/faer, the list goes on


There is a way to have an infinite bio, but first you must type it out somewhere else(E.g: OpenOffice), then highlight it using the mouse, right-clicking it, clicking the "cut" or "copy" button and then pasting it in using the mouse. :]


Thank you Falco. Although it does go away after a while. But, I still used your suggestion on my profile ;)


"Learning French, German, and Italian over the summer. I love Duolingo."

Doesn't tell me much.


I chose to have a short bio.


I second this motion!


I would like to have the completed trees. For instance, right now I've completed the Portuguese and Spanish trees, but am still far from achieving that with German. However I'm on level 13 with German, and only 12 and 11 with Portuguese and Spanish. A clear mention to the completed trees would be nice ;)


Great point! Danke


I like it! Duo does try to keep the social aspect related to language learning, so I think there's a reasonable chance they'll add something like this if they see it. I think the languages would be especially useful. I know for me, the flags on my flair don't really reflect how well I speak each language. My best languages are French, German, and Spanish, in that order. I definitely speak Esperanto more fluently than Turkish, it's just that I've put more work into Turkish, especially on Duo, so I know that flairs can be confusing. Having something like the Wikipedia language userboxes, but maybe with CEFR levels would be great.


Awesome! I love the Wikipedia language userboxes!

Sporgsmål: Du snakker også dansk, ja?


Ja. Det er ikke min modersmål men jeg har lærer det i to år. Måske har jeg sprogniveau B2. Og dig? Du er dansk, ikke?


What I find hard to understand is why you want to turn Duolingo into something it isn't, rather than using for its designed purpose: to learn languages. Social networking sites exist in abundance; if you want to reveal more about yourself, start a blog. I would much prefer that Duolingo use its limited resources in adding features that contribute to language learning, for example, more bonus skills, more work on the complicated verb forms that exist at the bottom of the tree: they're barely touched, not taught.


I really second the first 2 points. Specially the first one. In Lang-8, a website I use, every profile account tells you what is its native language and its study language. If we add that, I won't have to add "believe me, Spanish is my native language" at the end of every of my comments haha.


While it is a nice idea, there are so many people who currently do not even give their basic information so one wonders how many people would volunteer even more information.


Great idea, but then I think that they'd have to make a "childsafe" account, that I would be against. Since I am a "child".


Given that you can already give your age in the bio and give your address in the location, I don't think these changes would make the site any less safe for children.


I completely agree. The issue has been discussed before, so I just thought it could cause a problem :)


Please stop moving this between forums.


I don't think that's a good idea, because duolingo is not a supposed to be an -instagram-facebook-skype-twitter-pintrest-myspace-google-social-website-kind-of-thing- It's supposed to be FREE, SAFE, AVAILABLE TO ALL AGES, AND USED TO LEARN A LANGUAGE, and ONLY to LEARN a language.


And to translate the web.

Additionally, many people try to seek out language learning partners in their studies. By adding things such as your native and focus languages, it will be much easier for learners to pick their places.


I like the idea!


I agree completely.


This all takes time and people (which means money) and simply not be a high priority.

Another post that would be better stated as "I would like it if . . . ." but instead is telling Duo what Duo "should" do.


I do to because like my pronouns are they/them and I don't like being misgendered

[deactivated user]

    I actually wrote something saying that we should be aloud to post on our own profiles! I also wrote an article on how to get a longer bio https://www.duolingo.com/comment/9024615 Those are good ideas!


    Being able to personify our profiles more would be so nice. Not that everyone would choose to do so, but if there were more in depth profiles on here, I'd feel so much better about giving potential language partners my contact info. Because there's hardly anything on most people's profiles, we hardly know who we're about to start talking to. We also don't know their primary intentions very well; do they just want friends? Do they want attention and love? Or are they really serious about learning? I mean, most users I have encountered are good about all of this considering we're on a website focused on language learning, but that doesn't mean there's nobody out there trolling and spamming and using this website for everything it's NOT intended for. So I think fleshed out profiles would definitely be a good measure for protecting ourselves and not getting involved with people it seems like we wouldn't want to be involved with.

    Gender and pronouns would be a great addition so we don't misgender anyone, age would be great to know so we know if we're talking to someone older or younger than us (this is something I would definitely like to know. Adults don't really have any business hanging around children as if they're our peers), and more details on our linguistic involvement seems like it should be there already. Thanks for bringing this up.

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