Lost Progress

I absolutely love this program and have been active for a few weeks. I have been using the program on my Iphone 5S and have been logged in for some time. When I accidentally logged out, I couldn't remember my password and reset it. Unfortunately, the program restored me to an earlier point, probably 2 weeks previous. Is there a way to restore the program to my current level of progress? I would hate to repeat all of the initial exercises again.



June 15, 2015


If your goal is simply to skip the exercises you've already done, you could test out of the sections (at the checkpoints or the units).

Good idea. Thanks. I will try that.

The same. After their update, I have lost the accomplished up to 5th level many french topics in my French course. I started re-do it again. The idiotic programming and bad IT from Duolingo.

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