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Ode to Norwegian Brown Cheese

The author Rebecca Dinerstein writes about her feelings for brunost and Norway's culinary culture in this week's issue of the New Yorker.


She's not the only American with strong feelings for brunost. Many years ago I was hosting a rather large party in my house and came into my kitchen to find a drunk stranger eating the brunost he had taken from my refrigerator. "I had a Norwegian fiancee once, but it didn't work out," he said, offering me a piece of my own cheese. "Still love this crazy cheese, though."

June 15, 2015



Wonder why it didn't work out!


Geitost was always a treat when I was growing up in Miami (daughter of a norwegian) and raised my kids with it as often as I could. One time I took it so a pot luck dinner at my daughter's school - I chunked it and put toothpick in it - and set it with other appetisers..... but somehow it kept moving to the desert table. After I moved it back several times I saw one of the kids eating one and she had a terrible look on her face... "I thought it was caramels".

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