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  5. "Ti ricordi di me?"

"Ti ricordi di me?"

Translation:Do you remember me?

October 4, 2013



how come this is not just "mi ricordi?


The italian verb "ricordarsi di qualcosa" works as a reflexive, as you could say "to remind oneself of something" or "to cause oneself to remember something". "Ti" refers to the person being reminded, and "di me" the person being reminded of, and you could translate it (although it sounds a little wierd" "I remind myself of you". Hope this helps.


brilliant succinct answer - thanks


What I don't get it is, why ti? Isn't it a passive object form? I read this sentence as "you are remembered about me..."


Could the literal translation of this be "Do you yourself remember (of) me?"? This seems to fit a lot better than some of the other explanations I've read, or at least simpler.


The verb is a lot like 'to remind' in English. It's like: You remind yourself of me.


Do you remember of me? Or: Do you have remembrance of me? So putting it in English structure, Do you remember me?


Interesting. In German, the verb remember is reflexive as well.


"Ricordi" is a reflexive verb, hence the need for "Ti", and since there is a preposition "Di", you need to use a tonic pronoun "me". I hope this helps.


Woah, that's great, AR_Elsherbiny! Now, I'm looking up what a 'tonic pronoun' scrabbles about learning own native language


Could I have both pronouns in front of the verb? Me ti ricordi?


Ti ricordi? = Do you (by yourself) remember ? Ti ricordi di me? = Do you remember (yourself) of me = Do you remember me?


What about "Mi ricordi" ?


Why not ricordi di me


is "ricordarsi di qualcosa" a verb?


Yeah you broke my heart like two questions ago.


why is there a ti if the first-person is being remembered, and the second-person is already specified in the word "ricordi"?


One of the things i love sm 'bout knowing more than just two languages is how one of those languages u know can help you to undestand others. Por ejemplo, saber español me ayuda mucho a comprender el italiano y, por lo que he podido leer, varios dicen que el francés ayuda también. <3


I know this has been discussed here, but I am still confused. My understanding is that "Mi ricordi?" and "Ti ricordi di me?" are both correct, but "Ricordi di me?" is not. Is this true or am I mistaken?


I find his accent very difficult to understand


I have been saying this for months now. It is futile to complain, but I know how frustrating it is when you are trying to learn a new language and the speaker is not clear. Hang in there.


I mistakenly wrote, "Ti ricodi di me," the correct answer except that I inadvertently dropped the r in "ricordi." Due told me I was correct. Most often when Duo does this it flags the error, but is letting the slight misspelling pass. In this instance there was nothing. The program simply read it as correct. It leads me to wonder how many over the years I have gotten 100% correct that Duo has told me are wrong...

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