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"Jeg drømmer om å bli telefonselger."

Translation:I am dreaming about becoming a telemarketer.

June 15, 2015



Det er en drøm eller et mareritt?


A dream to some...a nightmare to others!


That is the truest statement that i've heard for quite a while xD


My first job in high school was as a telemarketer. I quit after four hours. Even though I was outselling everyone else on the floor, I just could not stand interrupting people's dinner hout to try to sell them tickets to a charity event. The whole scheme seemed bizarre to me. I later found out the guy running it skipped town with all the money ...


Who would dream about this


I translated this as "I dream of being a telemarketer." Since that translation was rejected, how do you say "I dream of being...": Jeg drømmer om å være..."?


They marked it wrong because you said "being" not "becoming". It's true of course that English routinely says "I want to BE a teacher when I grow up" but Norwegian seems to say become.


Does this mean "I aspire to become a telemarketer" or "I'm having a dream [possibly a nightmare] in which I become a telemarketer"?


A nightmare...


If Kierkegaard were alive today, would he dream about becoming a telemarketer? I wonder!


...sa ingen.


Det er en rar drøm...


Can drømmer mean, as in English, either "to wish" or "to experience visions while sleeping"?


My answer , I dream to become a telemarketer, was rejected. Why?


I think the problem is with “to” instead of “about”. My mother tongue is English and I would never use “to” in this context. I would use “to” with “want”. I want to be a telemarketer. D.


It just doesn't work in English. You dream of becoming (or about becoming, but then the meaning would be slightly different; it would imply that you genuinely had a dream about it, while asleep). "I dream of becoming" means "my ambition is to become"


Couldn't it be "I dream about to become a telemarketer"?


Not in English. I dream/am dreaming about becoming... is the answer they want, although dream of becoming is common usage too. For whatever odd reason, you could use other verbs ahead of the infinitive - I am about to, or I want/wish/plan/ to become...

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