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We should be able to view the entire site in other languages

I have my setting set as "I speak english and want to learn German", so I guess that's why the site is in English. But as we know, seeing everything in the learning language helps with the learning process, so why isn't this an option? I would like to see everything here in German. I've already done so with my Android, Windows, and most of my softwares I have.

October 4, 2013



I know that the data to display the site in other languages like that has to exist, because when I use Duolingo on my mobile device (whose language is set to French) it is in French including all of the lesson names (like Bases and Nourriture instead of Basics and Food) even though the lessons themselves are still the same French for anglophones lessons. I would like the option to switch the menu language when using the site on a computer.


Yeah, I've noticed that too. I can view Duolingo in German on my phone, but I can't seem to find the proper setting for it on laptop.


Well sadly, Duolingo doesn't teach English to the Germans. But I was thinking that you can set it as you know German but you want to learn English so that way everything would be set in German.


Thing is, though, I'm not learning English, I'm learning German. I was just wanting that info and all that stuff will be changed to German.


I know that, but doing that, you have access to a whole new world which everything including instructions and all, are in your target language. It could be better because more questions in lessons are translated from the English to the target language. And in the immersion section, the same. So I'm just saying it would be a great way to take your German to a beyond level.


But in the end, I think it depends on how you've set the settings for your software.


I really like this suggestion too! I would like to be able to choose something like "I speak Spanish and want to learn Portugues"


That would also be a good idea, but the thing with that is that the people at duolingo would need to make a whole new set of lessons that go between spanish and portugues. That's not what I was going for, I just wanted some words around the tabs at the top and lesson titles to be transated into different languages. Translating entire lessons would be too much for the guys running the site. For now, at least. In the future, who knows


1) Use google chrome. 2) Right click anywhere on webpage 3)Translate to 4)Choose language to translate the website from and to!


Google translate is one of the last places to go for translations, especially when it's entire websites.


I would like to have this option, too. I don't know how many time it may take to implement the different languages.

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