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App: Answer often easy to guess

Hi Duolingo-team,

This is a minor issue, but on an iPhone very often when only a few the words are given below a sentence, the answer is too easy to guess. I used the app on my brother Iphone once and it did not seem to be as bad there - maybe there is more "space" on the screen and hence more words? Not sure if there is an easy way to add more words to the Iphone app, but I think that would be really helpful for learning. Anyways, just a thought :).

You are great!!!

Best Franka

October 5, 2013

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I'm not using a mobile app, but I have noticed sometimes guesses come easy especially the multiple choice questions or if I'm asked to translate the same sentence from English to Spanish that they just asked me to translate from Spanish to English.

For multiple choice questions, I try to translate them all in my head even if it's obviously not the correct answer. The repeats I just chalk up to reinforcement.

They make up for the questions I miss because of silly typos or because I was so focused on the hard words that I missed the easy ones that I knew already.

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