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"That kind of rich woman does not like crocodiles."

Translation:Tia riĉa virino ne ŝatas krokodilojn.

June 15, 2015



At this point in the tree we've learned enough of the affix system that I think it should accept "Tia riĉulino ne ŝatas krokodilojn." That was natural for me to write. I guess it is the adjectives module though, so I should have known better.


You need to report your answers as being correct using the "Report a problem" function; otherwise the system will never accept that answer (it doesn't work on a word-by-word basis: every single correct iteration of an answer needs to be input in the software, and you need to do your part and make reports to ensure people won't be marked wrong in the future).


Fair enough. I just wasn't confident yet that it was an appropriate answer. I'll report it.


When in doubt, report it: if it's not an appropriate answer they will simply ignore it; if it is an appropriate answer, then hooray, you've helped :).


Which makes me wonder... Which kind of rich woman does like crocodiles?


The other kind, duh. :-)


Sed ĉu ili ŝatas aligatorojn?


Good - translation, then why stick "cxu" in the hints, to stuff up the natural translation, which I was in the process of writing!!

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