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"Як ви їдете у Одесу? - На поїзді."

Translation:How do you go to Odesa? - By train.

June 15, 2015



Instead of saying на поїзд, could I say just поїздом?


Yes, of course you can. It will be even better.


Argh! I know it's only counted as a minor spelling slip, but PLEASE make up your minds how you want us to spell "Odesa"!


Why "у Одесу" and not "в Одесу'?


it should be в. Report it if you come across it next time.


How would I ask: How was your trip? Fine.


I'm not sure if i'm going to be able to make my question very clear, but if anyone could help me, that would be awesome.

In this sort of sentence, is "ви" in Ukrainian only the equivalent of a specific "you" or can it also be used like the "universal you" we sometimes use in English?

For example, in the English question "How do you travel to Odessa", "you" can have two meanings, depending on context.

Firstly, specific you: "how do you, personally, travel to Odessa? - I/we, personally travel by train". In this case, I want to know how a specific "you" travels to Odessa.

And the other meaning: "How can someone travel to Odessa? - Odessa can be traveled to by train". I don't actually care how you, personally travel to Odessa - I say "you" but I actually want instructions. Please tell me how you (I can) travel to Odessa.

Can ви/ти have this "universal" meaning, or is this sort of sentence only for asking how a "specific you" travels to Odessa? Thank you, and I'm sorry that this got so long - just wanted to make sure I explained it right.


Слово Одеса написано з помилкою! " Зараз Odessa - виправте помилку на Odesa.

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