"The boy eats the food."

Translation:Drengen spiser maden.

June 15, 2015

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On another question on this test requiring a translation of 'the food', it didn't accept 'maden', but... Oh, matiden? With an accent on the a? I've now had answers of 'the food =maden, =matiden(or summat), = maden again. Are they both right? Am I missing context? Have I imagined something?

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    I'm not quite sure I understand what you mean here, but I'll try to answer you.

    The Danish word for "food" is "mad". In the definite form, it becomes "maden".

    The word "måltid" (which I assume is what you mean) means "meal".

    By the way, å isn't an a with an accent. It is a separate letter. If you can't type the Danish letters, use the following replacements: æ = ae, ø = oe, å = aa


    Is "aa" still used in Danish names instead of "å"?


    what about måltiden?

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