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"He knows women."

December 28, 2012



Why is this capisce and not conosce? I've never heard capisce used in this context.


Why not? It means he understands women. "Conosce" means he is acquainted with them.


"conosce" wouldn't make much sense here. What does that say about this particular man? Everybody knows women in the sense that everybody is acquainted with some women. This would be completely non-informative.


If this is meant to mean only 'he' then without any other context we need 'lui' becasue it cannot be understood that it is 'he' without it. Another fault in their translation theory they apply.


Who understands what duolingo "means" half the time, but the sentence can be translated as "He", "She", or even "It understands women." All would be correct. Did duolingo not accept "she" or "it"? If so, this should be reported as an error. Context exists in real-world writing and conversation, not in sample sentences, but, yes, "Lui" could be used to emphasize "he." It would be unnecessary if the sentence were part of a discussion about a person. Presumably, the sex would already be known at this point.


I used the verb "sa". Is this incorrect??? (or would this possibly mean...in the "carnal" sense?)


"Conosce le donne" is the literal translation (not carnal), "Capisce le donne" the more correct in context.

Sapere has another nuance. Here some examples to understand when to use sapere and when conoscere.



Thanks for this link, but it leads to nothing, I'm afraid.

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