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  5. "Мені треба відпочивати."

"Мені треба відпочивати."

Translation:I need to rest.

June 15, 2015



Audio says "Мені треба відпочи-ти." (without "ва")


The problem is still there. November 2018


The problem remains (January 2019)


What is the difference anyway? Though, audio and written text should be consistent, I couldn't find a difference in the meaning online. According to translate.google.com both "відпочити" and "відпочивати" are translated with "to relax" - when would you use one or the other? Examples would be great.


Great point, I asked my native Ukrainian wife and she said the difference was implied length of time for each verb.

Відпочити being short term Мені треба відпочити

Відпочивати being long term Я буду відпочивати


Відпочити and Відпочивати are two different aspects. Відпочити is a perfective verb; Відпочивати is an imperfective verb

Imperfective verbs denote repetitive actions or the process; perfective verbs are used to express single actions or completed actions with some result.

Мені треба відпочивати. and Мені треба відпочити. can be translated the same way: I need to rest.

But Відпочити means to rest just now, or once (like you've been working all day long, now you need to rest), while Відпочивати means to rest in general, repeatedly (like for example you work too much (in general), you need to rest more, every day, not just now or once).

It is the same as отдохнуть (perf) and отдыхать (imperf) in Russian.


Ukrainian is a nice language


It really is! And I am glad to be its native speaker :)


Disabled the audio, will re-record as soon as possible.

Please don't copy your report messages into the comments. Right now the problem is fixed. But what will the next people see when they open this sentence discussions? These comments on top of the page. Instead of comments asking about grammar, meaning etc.

Now you have cluttered the whole section. Next time please just report.


The problem wasn't fix.


I disabled the audio, so it's not supposed to appear in the exercises. If it's still appearing - no idea. There is nothing else I can do now :) Could be a glitch or a bug.

You spamming about it in the comments will definitely not help, that's what I'm saying. How do you think will it help? :)


I really think it's a bug. But what I need to know is what's the correct way to say it and when I should use it.


Is it correct now? Bugs have been fixed, I tried again just now :)

(sorry for bad quality, I don't have a good microphone at the moment)


Awww, @sagitta145, you have a wonderful voice! Yes, it's correct now on this webpage.


When I play the audio on the top of this page, it still says відпочити. Not sure about the lesson itself.


@Lukas Samel and @Crookfingerjake Відпочити is perfective (done once or used to indicate the future tense); відпочивати is imperfective (something repeated often or currently ongoing; used with the verb бути (to be), it indicates future tense but a process). Perfective and imperfective verbs tend to be a bit tricky for non-native speakers.


i have to rest - is it wrong?


That is wrong, треба is "need."


Why not I need to relax?


Relax is розслабитися, not відпочити


Because мене sounds as in Accusative, as if "Someone needs to rest me". I need to = мені (dative) треба


I think in English this would also imply "I need a vacation."


А якщо відпочиваєш в санаторії або десь, то що це таке?


"I need a Vacation" = "I need to travel somewhere else specifically for the purposes of relaxation" /=/ "I need to relax"

We do not translate based off implication. Yes, vacationing is relaxation, but relaxation is not always vacationing.


I respectfully disagree. I often hear people use the verb відпочивати (or the noun відпочинок) when they mean vacations (i.e. travelling somewhere for purposes of relaxation). Perhaps a Soviet holdover, право на відпочинок and so on.


тут совершенный вид


I guess you meant доконаний стан, but used russian for some reason. No, it is actually imperfective aspect, недоконаний стан. Відпочивати - imperfective, відпочити - perfective.

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