"Vi tar av oss skoene."

Translation:We're taking off our shoes.

June 15, 2015

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Is skoene really pronounced that way? Sounds strange to me.


No it's not pronounced that way


Yeah the o should mainly be pronounced, not the "ene"


"oss" and "vår" have me confused now. Sometimes translating "oss" as our is wrong but now here it is correct and now you don't use "vår" where I would expect it. Could someone clear this up for me?


oss = us, vår = ours.

I hope this helps:
Skoene er våre = The shoes are ours.
Skoene tilhører oss = The shoes belong to us.


Tiny typo. The correct sentence would be "Skoene er VÅRE", because plural.


Is that a common custom in Norway when you enter a house?


Ja, but only homes. It would not be necessary in schools or public buildings.


Why is 'vår' not used here?


Because that's the right word.

Us = oss; Our = vår. The reason this works this way is because 'oss' is part of 'tar av'. 'tar av oss' means 'take off of us'.

What oss is describing is who you're taking the shoes off of, not who owns the shoes.


Jeg liker where this is going


How do we know that those are our shoes? Wouldn't that be "Vi tar av oss skoene våre" or something?


In this sentence, you technically don't know. It's not required to specify in Norwegian though, and we can safely assume that any unclaimed shoes belong to the person taking them off.


"Vi tar av oss ..." We take off of ourselves. Its reflexive. The "oss" is the reflexive pronoun. A "vår" would be a possessive pronoun. In this case, we remove the shoes from ourselves, with no mention about who might own those shoes.


So - just to clarify: Shoes is pronounced like skoone and not skooENNE?


The first 'e' is pronounced, just not as emphasised as the robotic voice has it. It's the same -ene ending as all the other words.


Is there also a verb equivalent to the "kick" in "to kick off one's shoes"?


Would "Vi tar av skoene" work? When would reflexives be used in a case like this? Would "Hun tar av seg skoene" be equivalent?


It's odd if you don't use it reflexively. "Vi tar av..." would likely be understood, but you should add the "...oss" to be completely correct. It would be like saying "I'm taking shoes off" instead of saying "I'm taking my shoes off".

"Hun tar av seg skoene" is indeed entirely correct.


Was there ever a Norwegian version of the Swedish song "Ta Av Dig Skorna"?

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