"El horno"

Translation:The oven

October 5, 2013



The way I remember the word horno is it sound like horns, which reminds me of hell, which reminds me of fire, which reminds me of cooking, which reminds me of an oven.

Horno. Hell. Oven.


For me, it's the Spanish language feature of having transformed many terms with a beginning "f" in Latin to a silent "h". Therefore, in Italian, it's forno. Or another example: "facere" in Latin became "fare" in Italian, but "hacer" in Spanish, having turned the "f" to a "h", dropped the final "e".


Etymology is always an effective memory technique. Thanks for pointing this one out.


This is interesting! In arabic (my mothertongue), an oven is called "forn".


In Portuguese it is 'forno', Because of the Arabic influence.


fırın in turkish


It is "forn" in Catalan which is the exact word in Arabic


Embarrassingly I think of horny which is hot!


Hell's Kitchen.


For me, it's directly horn as an alarm or loud noise and how this relates to the timer or alarm many modern ovens possess.


To my surprise DL translated "El horno" as "The furnace".


a furnace here doesn't mean horno like we use to cook, but a place where you are and you say, it's so hot in here, this is a real furnace. This is an "image."


Thanks, that makes more sense now! Can "el horno" also refer to the big, room-heating sort of furnace, or is there another word for that?


imagines- horno = oven furnace = hoguera


I thought duo meant "furnace" as in like a "fireplace". Can "furnace" be another word for "oven". (I natively speak English and yet I'm asking questions about English!)


Horno=oven Horno de Cocina=Cooking Furnace


These discussions are really helpful. I am wondering if I missed some phonics lessons somewhere. The hardest part for me is typing what I hear. When I think I have figured out the pronunciation of some letter I get a surprise. For example, I thought the "h" was always silent, but when I hear the lady pronounce "horno" it sounds something like "corno" or "gorno" or some combination. I would expect it to sound like "orno." Can someone give me guidance here?


I would say that your best bet is to say it without stressing the "h." I would also make it more breathy by pushing out more air as you say the first syllable and stressing the "o." Speed it up after a while, and you'll be approximating the sound much better.


the H in Spanish is always silent. It depens of the procedence of the person who say it.


hosscomp- the H is silent


All "h"s are silent in Spanish unless started by a "s" or "c", right?


For many english speakers, stove and oven are the same thing. But stove is not a valid answer here.


when I cook, I put the pizza in the OVEN not in the STOVE, there's a difference here.


I know that it is common to have the two combined into one appliance, but I've never heard of using the terms interchangeably. The oven is always the baking compartment.


We use a wood stove, which we never call an oven, but we can put food inside (modern oven-style) or on top. Google 'wood stove' and see what you come up with. So naturally, I answered 'stove' but was denied. I guess it's not interchangeable in Spanish?


I guess a "stove" is an oven with a cook top. Which is probably the type of oven most people have in the West. I did live in a house with a stove and another separate oven just for baking but that is probably rare. Mexican Spanish has a word for stove "la estufa". I bet your right though and "el horno" means "stove" or "oven" to a lot of Spanish natives.


In some Latin American countries horno is used for both.


Stove can not mean oven in English.. Stove for cooking and oven for baking


We call it a cooker in the uk rather than general "oven" I'd have thought it would be acceptable


You should report it. I'm sure you're not the only one who's been set back because of that! :)


I would never say furnace for oven. I think the translation is wrong.


carisa- the answer was oven. A furnace is generally in the basement to send heat in every appartment.


Would duo accept "stove" for an answer and not "oven"?


Funace is calentador, not horno. Horno would be oven.


In my factory I use furnaces for heat treatment of steel. EN mi empresa uso hornos para el tratamiento térmico del acero. No usamos calentadores, usamos hornos.

oven for cooking, the furnace is industrial. Horno in both cases.


Does this work with a stone oven or makeshift stove?


Does horno exclude burner rings on top? I answered "stove" and was marked wrong


Why does it say that I am wrong to translate "el horno" to oven? It corrected me to furnace and marked me wrong.


The word, furnace, in England refers to an industrial sized heating or burning unit e.g smelting furnace


I put oven and got it wrong so dumb

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