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  5. "We do not like hills."

"We do not like hills."

Translation:Vi liker ikke bakker.

June 15, 2015



I love the word ås, it means god, and hill, and is in the etymology of the name Oslo


can anyone explain the rule that says "ikke" is before "bakker" rather than after it?


Adverbs should come after the verb.


Sorry, that isn't very helpful to me. I think I have the same question as OP, but I'll phrase is like this:

Why is "Vi liker bakker ikke" incorrect?

I could be wrong, but I feel like this structure (verb ikke object = verb object ikke) has been discussed in earlier exercises, and although the nuance of using one or the other is different, they essentially mean the same thing, so I think it should be accepted here too.


That only works when the object is a pronoun; with any other noun, you only have the one option.


Leon, Joshua and Deli: thanks for that discussion. Ikke after verb before the object noun but after object if object is a pronoun (meg, deg, henne...) Tusen takk. 19May18


Another Duo sentence reads "Kua ligger på bakken, " and it is supposed to mean "The cow lies on the ground. " Does "bakker " mean "the ground " or "the hill " or both?


Both. It's context dependent.


Kva med 'li'?

"Hvor hen du går i li og fjell, en vinterdag en sommerkveld ved fjord og fossevell."

Sånn som i ' Norge i rødt, hvitt og blått'


Li burde fungere


Wonderfully informative comments by all in above. A good example of community learning! 19May18


åser was suggested as the translation by the duolingo itself. any thoughts why it "vi liker ikke åser" was not accepted as the correct answer ?


I've added it now.

It's not a sentence you're likely to hear much, as "Vi liker ikke (oppover)bakker" has the broader connotation of not enjoying walking uphill, while "Vi liker ikke åser" would only be used in more unlikely sentences like "We don't like hills, only proper mountains".

Keep in mind that you can never trust the hints blindly. They can contain all the model translations for all the sentences containing that word, and words often carry different meaning in different contexts/sentences. :)


As a Dutchman, what is a mountain? :-P

What you Norwegians probably call a hill, we call a mountain. :-P


... yep, all 'bergen'.


You could not survive in Norway disliking hills!


I need lose weight anyways.


Would "we don't like the ground" translate to the same?


No, "the ground" is singular, so it would have to be "Vi liker ikke bakken".


The most Dutch sentence ever uttered.


can i know how to tell when to put ikke in front of something? If its ikke spiser, its wrong and its spiser ikke, but here its ikke liker instead of liker ikke?? help please

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