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'Dashboard' translation

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Hi guys, quick question to ask of all you fine people!

Outside of here I'm a software developer, and the product I'm currently working on I've decided to build it with the intention of translating it into many different languages (not alone, I'm not insane!).

One thing I can't seem to decide on however is the translation for the word 'Dashboard'.

It's used quite a lot around the application, i.e. "Users Dashboard", which is just a page displaying an overview of all the information about the users on the system. The only translations I can seem to find relate specifically to the dashboard in a car or plane for example.

Does anyone know a more contextually accurate translation for this? I was considering using 'Home Page' or something but that's not really what the page is...

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated! :)

3 years ago

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Perhaps consider naming it a User Gallery, Directory, Menu, Line Up, List, Album, Panel, Desk, Council, Array or Depot.

3 years ago