"The children go out and play."

Translation:Børnene går ud og leger.

June 15, 2015

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I had ´Børnene går ud og spiller´ and it was marked wrong. I used spiller because its like spelen/spielen (dutch/german) so it is easier for me to remember. Could somebody explain why it is wrong?


oh it is an interesting question, so it is that they comment the most important features of the difference in a independent thread. I hope it will help you, check it out: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/4565216


Thanks for your help. Take this lingot.


Nichts zu danken!! ;-) hey, you can also take good advices from "Den danske ordbog" http://ordnet.dk/ddo, since it is not difficult to get a decent translation to English with Googletransl


The ø version is for plural. Barn is singular.

Et barn/a child(1) Barnet/the child(1) Børn/children(morethan1) Børnene/the children(more than 1)


What's the difference between "barnet" and "børnen" (?) for "children/child"?

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