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  5. "His name is Luke."

"His name is Luke."

Translation:Han heter Luke.

June 15, 2015



When I got this question, the question appears as "Han heter __." Is this lesson really asking me to translate "Luke" from English to Norsk? = Waste of a question.


Øg han heter John Cena


Nei. Han heter Finn!


Why can't i say 'navn sin er Luke'?


First of all, you should inflect the noun, so it would be 'navnet', as the possessive comes after. Secondly, 'sin' are wrong for two reasons: 1. 'navn' is neuter, so it should be 'sitt', 2. 'sin' refers to a subject, but in this case 'Luke' is not a subject, so it should be 'hans'. Using 'sin/sitt' is wrong.

"Navnet hans er Luke" is accepted.


You are my hero of the day! Should work more on grammar i see. Tusen takk!


Any percy jackson fans? :'(


How come "han" sounds like "kg-han" with this audio? Is it something wrong with the audio, or is "han" really pronounced with a hard sound in front of it?


This actually translates to "Hans navn er Luke", not "Han heter Luke". BTW: "Han skrev ned navnet sitt" = "He wrote down his name" referring to his own name "Han skrev ned navnet hans" = "He wrote down his name", referring to somebody else's name (masculine) "Han skrev ned navnet hennes" = "He wrote down her name" (the other person being, of course, feminine).

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