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"Lampen og speilet henger på veggen."

Translation:The lamp and the mirror hang on the wall.

3 years ago



I had this translated as "The lamp-and-mirror hangs on the wall", as if they mirror and lamp are combined. There is of course no reason to assume that, though.

3 years ago


This is how I also translated it. When I look up Google translate English to Norwegian hang as a verb is "henge" and hangs is "henger". A "R" generally at the end of a Norwegian word is like a 3rd person present in English. I may be wrong here. It is the best I can come up with. I think the way that we translated this sentence is more correct. Even though the sentence makes more sense with the word "hung". They should change the Norwegian word to "henge".

3 years ago


No, Norwegian verbs are not conjugated. "å henge" means "to hang", and "henger" is then used for all persons, singular and plural, to mean that they (the person) are hanging/hang

3 years ago

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I translated this as "hanging on the wall" and was corrected to "hang". Is this because hanging could refer to it being temporary, or what?

1 year ago


Ingen ting

1 year ago


Twice I've got it wrong now... 1st was hangs and the second i put "are hung above" lol

2 hours ago