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  5. "Wear glasses at night!"

"Wear glasses at night!"

Translation:Gece gözlük tak!

June 15, 2015



Is locative generally not used with expressions of time?


used for

  • hour (üçte buraya gel)
  • year (1980'de doğdum)
  • month (2 Mayıs'ta doğdum)

not used for

  • days (Pazartesi buraya gel)
  • parts of a day (sabah/öğleden sonra/akşam/gece buraya gel)


A highly scientific google translate experiment says gecede is correct, whereas the "correct" answer is "night wear glasses".


In some languages included Turkish, Google is not scientific enough. Because structure of the sentences are very different from western languages. As a native Turkish speaker, i can say 'Gecede gözlük tak' is totally wrong. We generally don't use locative on expressions of time. You can use -leyin in some words as akşamleyin, geceleyin, sabahleyin to mean in, at. But using the word alone without any locative is easier and more common :)


google translate is simply awful for Turkish


That is so true. Before I started learning Turkish here, I translated two sentences on my mobile phone with google and showed it to a couple in a retaurant. They looked very surprised. At this time I didn´t know how horrible the google translations for Turkish are. And can end very embarrassing to use Turkish google translations. :)


I also don't understand why it isn't 'gecede' for 'at night'. Can anyone elucidate?


it is simply wrong. For many things indicating time we don't use -dA. For example sabah, akşam, gece, days (pazartesi, salı etc). We use it for months and years though


But what is used for day and parts of the day? Accusative? I forgot. :/


What does "tak" mean?

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