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  5. "Це ваш новий телевізор?"

"Це ваш новий телевізор?"

Translation:Is this your new TV?

June 15, 2015



Please grow up. TV is the short form for television.


I wonder, is "television" both a device and a transmission system?


It is both. If one desires to be precise then one should say television set. TV means both a device and a transmission system. In the USA one asks: "what is on TV tonight" (that means what is being broadcast or transmitted). Likewise one might say: "the TV is broken. Let's take it into the shop." I can go on and on if you like. It would just be a lot easier for the translators here to add the word "television" in for acceptable answers. I am not going to be the only person who is going to make these observations.


Exactly, TV is the abbreviation for television, it seems silly not to accept the full word.

We might not always use the full word in conversation (I prefer telly), but it should definitely still be correct.


Please don't continually be a pedantic jerk. Just suggest improvements.


But "Is this your new television?" work as a translation? Or t.v. or T.V.?


You can definitely say "Is this your new television?" or "Is this your new TV?". It is not really accepted to use "tv" with lower case letters.


But how would a write TV in ukrainian? TV or ТВ?

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