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  5. "Yolcular çok yorgunlar."

"Yolcular çok yorgunlar."

Translation:The travelers are very tired.

June 15, 2015



Is "Yolcular çok yorgun" also correct? In a previous lesson, "Kediler insanlar değildir" was incorrect, while "Kediler insan değildir" was correct.


How about "The travellers are [exhausted]", since exhausted has an equal meaning of very tired.

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Yolcular are holiday goers, not Romani Travelers, right?


Exactly :) The latter would be "Roman" in Turkish. There are other terms that are less acceptable for them as well, but the community likes to be referred to as this.


Roman as in zigeuner?


Can someone please delete my comment? This german term for Romani was not taught to me with negative connotations but i now understand that it can be construed as such (or just is). My apologies!


ha ha ha by mistake i put trave(ler) instead of travelers


I don't understand. In the previous sentences there is no "THE" in English translation: Coçuklar yetişkin değildir=Children are not adults Muşteriler bu satıcıdan nefret ediyor=Customers hate this vendor but in this Yolcular çok yorgunlar= "THE" travelers are very tired. Does it have something with the specific direct object. Because there is no difference in Turkish?

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In English, when you use "the" in sentences like these, you are talking about a specific person or group of people. Without the "the", you describe general traits of the person or people.
"Children are small" = "Most children usually are small"
"The children are small" = "In this group of people, the children are all small (while the adults would not be)."


Ok, thank you, I understand you excellent, but looks like I have to practice similar sentences to get this easier, anyway, as you are the first one to answer me on Duolingo, so here is the Lingot :)


Yolcu means the trip the journey doesn't it ? Yolcular means the travellers so what's the turkish for the trips ?


Yolculuk is the trip. Yolcu is the traveller.


What about yolcular çok yorgundur


'Those travelers are so tired' not accepted

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