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Simple foreign texts websites

Here is the list of websites with very simple texts, articles and activities in foreign languages, for anyone to practice reading and comprehension.

Share your links for any language and let's make a collaborative collection.

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October 5, 2013



Try http://bliubliu.com/en/

It automatically shows you texts and videos that fit your language level :)


Great site - thanks for posting :)


Such site exists and it's called Duolingo, haha. Kidding, in fact I sometimes need to find words in some context, searching in Google might be helpful, but there's always a chance that my own translation won't be correct.

http://tatoeba.org/eng/home I use this site, it's simply a database of translated sentences, but be aware that the content is provided by users and might not be correct. Also, pretty often these translations are not literal, as they're intended to sound as natural as possible.

I know this isn't what you're looking for, but nevertheless should be useful. You can browse sentences in a language of your interest and try to translate them, then click on it to see if you were right, usually an English translation is present.


Very nice, thanks :)


Added some new links so check them out!


I actually do the complete opposite, I read what I suppose would be called complex websites, news, science, history, etc. Sometimes it is a strain, but I make it manageable by using a little extension called transover, which aptly named, pops a translation up when you hover your cursor over one of those long words... A lot of things you can work out from context if you know the key words, and it's just nice not to feel restricted.


Thanks for the tip. This is exactly what I was hoping to find. This makes it so easy to read and learn from real life material.

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