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Lingots for Stories is looking for an Esperanto checker!

Maybe you’ve already heard about the Lingots for Stories (L4S) project. In case you haven’t, here’s a quick overview. Every week I upload a thread which contains a subject to write about (for example, the future, holidays, books,…). Now everybody can write a story in a language they’re learning which is then checked by one of our checkers.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a checker for Esperanto at the moment. If you speak Esperanto fluently and are willing to help us, leave me a message! And even if you don’t have the required proficiency or you’re simply not interested, you might enjoy our little project. I’ll leave the link to the newest, 65th, L4S here for you! https://www.duolingo.com/comment/9122906

June 15, 2015



Gxi estus bonega! ;D


Ĝi estos bonega, se iu konsentas korekti la rakontojn.


Mi pretas (almenaŭ provi depende de mia tempo) korekti rakontojn. Bonega ideo!


can you post or update if you do find an Esperanto checker? dankon!


Mi volontulas, kaj faris mesaĝon ĉe vi tiupropone :)

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