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A little frustrated

I did my goal yesterday (23h) with my cell but only accounted for my today goal. So I tried reload everything but didn't work and now I am in my first day streak again. I tried also change my Lingots for freeze something at <sub>store</sub> and just lost 10 red hexagons... I am new here and I had few day streaks but... It was not nice...

June 15, 2015



Any chance of have my few streak days back?


Yes, it can be a little frustrating. But please don't worry. You're here to learn a language. There is NO competition. You're lucky you didn't have a very long streak yet. Some people comment on the feeling of freedom when they lost a long streak.

You paid your 10 lingots for a streak freeze in advance. When you happen to loose another day studying, the streak freeze will be used to prevent you to loose your streak.


Well, I have just a friend here yet and we are paying for a regular prived German course together (not virtual) with a very nice native speaker teacher... And this friend is not very into a German course in English ('cause we are BR-Portuguese native speakers). So competition is not the case (yet, at least...). I am more the kind that do not have all that big discipline to study German every day... and see my streak day fire increasing little by little... feels good to me... The situation about ~lost my fire~ is specially frustrating because I actually did my goal in time and it was wrong accounted...


If nothing else, I suspect an explanation of how streak freezes work before you needed one the first time would make the entire experience a lot more pleasant for everyone involved.


Exactly. I also didn't find an DL explanation. So here it comes. (well .. why didn't you give an explanation in the first place?)

One can 'buy' as Streak Freeze for 10 Lingots. It stays there, available for that one day you need it. One only can buy ONE Streak Freeze at the time. So in case you need it, you have ONE day to keep the streak alive.


Hahahaha, now I follow you two. My second and third followed duoligo friends :D

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