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Danish movies and/or transcribed audio samples?

I found that when learning Danish, I had the most trouble understanding spoken word... I'd like to get a better feeling for the pronunciation and intonation by watching movies, TV shows etc., but I found it is really hard to find a Danish movie, along with suitable transcriptions (e.g. in subtitle form). I don't think watching the movie without subtitles will do me any good, since I really can't understand much, but if I use english subtitles, I will just read in English and ignore the Danish speech...

Any suggestions? How do you go about improving your understanding of native speakers, if you don't have the chance to visit Denmark?


June 15, 2015



On the website www.dr.dk you can watch a lot of Danish TV shows for free, and I think most of them have subtitles. Also, I think that listening to podcasts can help. If you search for "dansk" in the podcast store, you get a lot of different options ranging from kids stories in Danish to news and current events.

I hope this helped you!


yes I found the dr.dk just before you replied, and their material is indeed very helpful :) Podcasts are not for me yet, because I need written text if I am to understand anything. But eventually I will get there! Thanks for the reply!

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