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  5. "The bread tastes like wood."

"The bread tastes like wood."

Translation:Brødet smaker som tre.

June 15, 2015



When the word "smaker" was first introduced, "tastes like" was translated to "smaker av," but here it's "smaker som." I'm not entirely sure of when to use which. :/


You can say "Brødet smaker (som) tre". 'som'(like) can be omitted. What was the sentence given for 'av'?


This is where I saw "smaker av".


Can you also use the word 'ved' here in place of 'tre'? I remember learning 'ved til peisen' meaning 'wood for the fire'. Mange takk!


A sentence I'm sure was used often in older days, when bread would be cut with sawdust!


I love this use of the word 'cut'. Most people learning English probably wouldn't come across this usage and would not understand this sentence.

For anyone unclear, in this context 'cut with' means mixed with or diluted, often in a deceptive way. So 'bread cut with sawdust' means bread made with a mixture of flour and sawdust in order to make it cheaper, but almost certainly without telling the purchaser that it was thus adulterated.


Thank you! I knew the procedure but i did not know that "cut" means that, as English is not my first language. That was very informative! :)


I'm glad it was interesting :)

To be honest, these days it's more likely to be used in the context of drugs. So drugs will be cut with some other cheaper substance (harmless or otherwise) to increase the profit for the seller.



We also use the same word in french for the same meaning : couper

Le vin est coupé avec de l'eau : the wine is cut with water

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