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DuoLingo Staff: Adding once-mastered words back to practice

I think it would be beneficial to add words that have not been used after a certain period of time back to practice sessions. Once the words are mastered, many of them never make it back into practice and they are consequently forgotten because of a lack of use.

Would it be possible to set a number of days (five, seven, ten?) in which a word will be re-added to practice if not used in that period of time? This would help with the entire learning process while also keeping the practices useful for those who practice often. (Many people have mentioned that the practices start to add new words when their entire word list has been "mastered" - despite just wanting to practice the current list. This also happens to me.)

I love this website and what you guys are doing, and I think this could greatly improve it.

December 28, 2012


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We are always trying to improve our algorithms for figuring out what you know and what you need to practice. In the meantime you can sort your vocabulary by time last seen and then pick out the words that you last saw a long time ago and don't remember anymore.


That's always an option, but I figured it would be better for the site overall if the algorithms could be adjusted for the general practice. I know it's not easy, but once done, it would be a great improvement from both a language-learning/repetition aspect and for functionality/ease of use.

Thank you for the reply.

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