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  5. "Har du et fjerde glass vin?"

"Har du et fjerde glass vin?"

Translation:Do you have a fourth glass of wine?

June 15, 2015



Four people get together for a double date. Three of these people are beginning to get uncomfortable when the fourth abruptly tells his date that he wants to show her his duck. When he excuses himself to the bathroom, the other three people decide to get themselves only 3 glasses of wine as a way of silently telling him that he is no longer welcome on this double date. When he gets back from the bathroom, he looks at the rest of his group with a confused expression and says "Do you have a fourth glass of wine?"

Other than that situation, I don't see many other appropriate times for this question.


No one would say one fourth glass of wine. It would be "a" fourth glass of wine or "your" fourth glass of wine


...although I suppose you could say "are you having a fourth glass of wine?"


This is a weird sentence in English. I'd say, "Are you having your fourth glass of wine?" Or, "Are you on your ..." I think it's the indirect article that makes it sound odd, but I can't say for certain.


It's a valid sentence, so it should be fine being here.

If you do need a scenario, what if I'm helping you organize a wine tasting, and I just poured 3 glasses, but there's 4 guests? You could ask "Do you have a 4th glass of wine [for the guests]?".


Maybe "a fourth glass" but not "one fourth glass" as in the answer of the exercise. There's an error in the translation. No doubt.


That's because 'et' could be translated as either 'one' or 'a'.

Strictly speaking, only 'ett' can be translated as one, so 'et fjerde glass' has to be 'a fourth glass' and can not be 'one fourth glass'. But you can translate it that way if you're less strict about it. In that case, you can rule out 'one' based on context, because 'one fourth glass' doesn't make sense in Norwegian or English.


"fjerde" can be translated as "quarter" as well?

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No, 'a quarter' = 'en fjerdedel'


I thought it is talking about the 4th glass of wine


I think it is talking about the 4th glass of wine. The one after the 3rd.


1.The guest liked the vine and after three glasses he is asking for another 2.The man wants the lady to drink more (to show her his duck) but she is eager to keep her conscious and rejects more wine. He asks with an embarrassing and frustrated tone: -Do you drink only one fourth of a glass? I think the first one is right. Nordmenn synes det samme.


Shouldn't the correct answer be " the fourth" instead of " a fourth"

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