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Learn the norwegian tones/pitch accents

June 15, 2015



I already have enough problems telling different words apart!

Actually these tones are easy for me to hear, because I failed for years in learning Mandarin. But in Mandarin these tones are well documented....


I have to say that was quite frightening. I won't be ordering beans in Norway, just in case.


Don't worry about it, I didn't know we had this stuff until I saw the video, it's that subtle! The chance for confusion is probably very little.


Don't worry, mostly you understand what people mean from the context more than how you say it. Also, you can say "Bønna" in real life about beans, and "bønder" about farmers ;)


FYI: the only accepted written form of bønner (beans) is "bønner". I think most dialects would pronounce it "bønner" as well, but north of Trondheim one might say "bønna" (for "beans")? Where's your dialect from, Cecilie?


I personally pronounciate the D (sorry django) in bønder.


I'm from nordland, so that might be part of it ;) But doesn't people that generally use the a-ending say "bønna" in the south as well (hedmark or the oslo-øst area)?


I think of myself as speaking Oslo/Oslo øst dialect, and would say "bønnene "(the beans), but "bønna"/"bønnene" (the farmers). But I have no idea what the Oppland/Hedmark dialects would be like.

[deactivated user]

    Det er bra den her var lagt ut for alle som lærer å snakke norsk. It's good this was posted for all the people learning Norwegian.

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