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  5. "Are you going to the subway?"

"Are you going to the subway?"

Translation:Metroya gidiyor musunuz?

June 15, 2015



Can't you say: do you go to the subway?


"Gidiyor" is in the present continuous tense in Turkish, so that's why it's getting the present continuous in English. (I think "do you go?" would be "gider misiniz?")


Okay... But what is the difference in meaning, I still don't really get that? Both describe the process that at moment A you are not at the metro and moment B you will be, right? (my native language doesn't have this difference in a sentence like this...)


In English, "are you going?" is asking if you're going there right now. "Do you go?" is asking if you go there habitually -- for instance, do you go to the subway every day?

Turkish makes a similar distinction between the present continuous and the simple present (officially called the Aorist), but there are some differences, too. A lot of them are explained in Ektoraskan's excellent post here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/8649253


"metroya gidiyor mu" why its wrong?


That would be...is he going to the subway...


Why not 'metroya gidiyor mısın ?'

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