Weightlifting In Esperanto - Terms for muscle groups, exercises?

As a weightlifter, I've thought about taking a crack at keeping my workout and meal logs in Esperanto as an immersion exercise. Of course my rather small dictionary doesn't have entries for benchpress, pullup, or suppinating bicep curl. Anyone aware of any resources with a list of sports and fitness terms, including weightlifing? I know there was some Esperanto material printed for the Calgary Olympics, but I'm not sure how specific it is. Is there any hope for my experiment short of correlating old Olympic pamphlets with a Esperanto medical textbook?

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Ah, someone with a common interest! I'll follow your profile.

Well a good place to find the names for bodybuilding terms is Wikipedia.

The largest online dictionary I know of is the Espdic

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I cannot get to it today, but I will check the Bildvortaro de Esperanto, as I know that also has a section on sport and fitness. I would like to learn some of those terms myself.

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Yes I am also interested since it is a way to reinforce the language through a daily activity. I do not have a list of answers but wikipedia helps it (in addition to get a very cultural distraction and an additional way to read in Esperanto). For example:

Pull-up: pend-tiro

Push-up: puŝlevo

Article about muscles (it could be certainly improved when we get better level of Esperanto):

If you find a made list just share it back!

3 years ago

Well, I found this thread after looking all over for terms for weightlifting exercises. Since it seems there aren't any authoritative ones, I've put together some neologisms.

In general, I've followed the format (descriptor) + (basic movement), where I've translated the basic movements as follows:

  • press -> suprenpuŝo
  • row -> suprentiro
  • curl -> flekso
  • extension -> malflekso
  • (arm) raise/flye -> braklevo
  • (general) raise -> levo
  • (general) lowering -> mallevo

For exercises with many variations (e.g., bicep curls), when feasible, I favor something like "brak-flekso" over "braka flekso" so that there's less adjective pileup.

Obviously, this isn't a complete list of exercises, but hopefully it's enough to be productive (hyphens in certain compound words for clarity):


  • bench press : sur-benka suprenpuŝo (on-bench upward-push)
  • incline bench press : sur-klinbenka suprenpuŝo (on-incline-bench upward-push)
  • decline bench press : sur-deklinbenka suprenpuŝo (on-decline-bench upward-push)
  • pectoral flye : sur-benka braklevo (on-bench arm-raise)


  • overhead press : super-kapa suprenpuŝo (above-head upward-push)
  • Arnold press : Arnoldo-stila suprenpuŝo (Arnold-style upward-push)
  • lateral raise : flanka braklevo (side arm-raise)
  • front raise : fronta braklevo (front arm-raise)
  • reverse flye : sin-klinanta braklevo (bending-self arm-raise)
  • upright row : staranta suprentiro (standing upward-pull)


  • bent-over row : sin-klinanta suprentiro (bending-self upward-pull)
  • Pendlay row : Pendli-stila suprentiro (Pendlay-style upward-pull)
  • lat pulldown : per-latisima malsuprentiro (using-lats downward-pull)
  • cable row : per-latisima malantaŭentiro (using-lats backward-pull)
  • dead lift : per-lumba levo (using-lowerback raise)


  • squat : sid-mallevo (sit-lowering)
  • Jefferson squat : halter-rajda sid-mallevo (barbell-mounted sit-lowering)
  • lunge : paŝ-mallevo (step-lowering)
  • stationary lunge : samloka paŝ-mallevo (same-place step-lowering)
  • leg extension : krura malflekso (leg extension)
  • hamstring curl : krura flekso (leg flexion)
  • calf raise : per-sura levo (using-calf raise)


  • bicep curl : brak-flekso (arm-flexion)
  • hammer curl : manplat-al-manplata brak-flekso (palm-to-palm arm-flexion)
  • preacher curl : sur-brakbenka brak-flekso (on-arm-bench arm-flexion)
  • concentration curl : ĉe-femura brak-flekso (at-thigh arm-flexion)


  • tricep extension : brak-malflekso (arm-extension)
  • tricep kickback : sin-klinanta brak-malflekso (bending-self arm-extension)
  • skull crusher : sur-benka brak-malflekso (on-bench arm-extension)
  • dip : per-tricepsa mallevo (using-tricep lowering)
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