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"Mangiamo mentre la zuppa è calda."

Translation:We eat while the soup is hot.

October 5, 2013



A more elegant translation would be " We eat the soup while it is hot".


Sure, but that would change the italian word order:


  • "Mangiamo mentre la zuppa è calda"


  • "Mangiamo la zuppa mentre è calda."

Personally the latter one, hence what you proposed.


Thank you guys! That improves our writing style :-)


I think "we eat while the soup is hot" sounds kind of like an aphorism, like "strike while the iron is hot"


Exactly! It is an aphorism, and as usual it would be nice if DL could somehow indicate whether the Italian is just a literal translation or is this aphorism also used in Italian. If not, I can imagine saying this to an Italian and getting a blank look. “Perché parli di cibo ora?”


Thanks. I seriously thought I was eating the food while the soup was hot.


It may be more elegant if you are thinking of a normally constructed sentence, but this happens to be an expression, aphorism, idiom meaning we act immediately when we have the chance or the time is right. It is the usual way of saying it.

But I still want to know if the Italian is also similarly an aphorism or is it just a literal translation.


Yes but it gets marked wrong...


I disagree, I think that is less elegant


I agree 100%!


I was just about to say that, but you have pipped me


Agree, but marked me as being wrong.


Exactly , but it marks incorrect


I translated it as, "We are eating the soup while it is hot." I think this translation should be accepted.


for me this made it clear : they eat other stuff while the soup is hot because they can't eat it while it is hot. as oppose to eating the soup while it is hot which means they want to eat it hot


No, it's the soup they are 'eating'. As opposed to when it has gone cold.


This Sentence Doesn't Specify Either Of Those Are Happening, But The Former (What Aidybaby Suggested) Seems More Likely, I Feel The Other One Would Likely Be Phrased As Something More Akin To "We Eat (Other Stuff) While The Soup Cools Off"


I had the same thought, gilaadl.


aidybaby, "we are eating..." is a different tense, the Present Continuous. It uses the present participle. In Romance languages, it is not always used the same way as in English. I have found that with DL, I stick to the simple present tense till I get to the other tense. In Italian, I think it is the Present Progressive, using a different grammar (the gerund) from the English.

I don't think it is used as much, but please correct this is I am wrong


I believe the Present Continuous is used in English in most cases you'd use the Simple Present in other languages.


This has me wondering - do Italians 'eat' (mangiare) soup or 'drink' (bere) it?


If you are using a spoon, it's mangiare. I think it's the same in English http://forum.wordreference.com/showthread.php?t=1615441


How have I just realised that that is the case in English...


I wasn't thinking about the fact that calidus means warm in latin, so I thought this meant cold and I was like they're eating cold soup? ew. but the actual answer makes a lot more sense.


Well, Gazpacho is basically cold soup.


Is it just me or was this one spoken with a bit more zeal/personality than that of the rest of the audios? Either way, I liked it :D


Informally, "mangiamo" can also mean Let's eat. I wonder if that would have been accepted?


Usually when it's the let's eat variant there's a ! at the end of the sentence.


It is accepted. I put "Let's eat while the soup is hot". Of course, it is six months later now. (Feb. 6, 2015)


Buon a sapersi. Thanks Cat


Which means that we are eating a banana while there is a hot soup somewhere. It does not mean that we are eating a hot soup!


Please would someone explain the situations where you use "mentre" especially, rather than "finché"?


Well, finché means until and mentre means while xD


Hi Amanda. As i understand it, 'finché' actually means something more like 'as long as'. It can be translated as 'until' only when used in certain constructions (' finché non...'.). Best wishes!


Correct, dont forget the non when saying finché!


The Italian false friends though....


My compliments for the computer pronunciation of this sentence. It is really very clear!


That is correct and your sentence structure is wrong


no subjunctive in italian?


Unless it's gazpacho.


I'd love to know what Duolingo think this means: do they drink the soup while it is hot, or do they eat something else because the soup is hot and while they are waiting for it to cool down? The sentence really doesn't make sense.


the meaning of this sentence still eludes me.


English is not my native language. I don't understand why 'when the souo is hot' is not correct.


Using "when" with a present tense verb suggests that it's something you regularly do when certain conditions are present -- e.g., "I eat icecream when it's hot outside." "When" suggests a regular occurrence and a repeated action, so your suggested sentence is saying that every time the soup is hot, we eat. In this sentence, "while" is the better word because it conveys instead that we are taking a specific action before conditions change, which they will inevitably do soon.

"When it's my birthday, I like to eat cake, but I'm turning 40 soon, so I'd better eat as much as I can while I'm still young and have a faster metabolism." -- "when" is used for a repeated occurrence, and "while" is used for something that will be changing soon.


By this time, in the 27th section, la zuppa è diventata fredda!


It would be in my opinion we eat the soup whilst it is hot, l would never say...in english ..while it is hot


'while' is normal usage, while 'whilst' is less common, slightly poetic and even a mite pretentious. Personally, I never say 'whilst' and I'm English-born. 'whilst' reminds me of people who pronounce the 'h' in 'wh...' - and we generally say 'it's' rather than 'it is' - we are lazy speakers!


I'm sorry Vittorio, as a fellow native born Englishman, I must beg to differ. The correct English is 'whilst' being a shortened form of 'while it is'. Only really lazy speakers would say 'while'.


I said the exact same thing Duo is telling me it means with the one exception of not putting a period at the end. I don't normally have to put the punctuation. Can this be consistent, please?


So you are not eating the soup. You are eating something while the soup is hot?


Isn't "We eat the soup while it's hot" the same thing as "We eat while the soup is hot?" It was graded as incorrect??


mia prima tentativa questa lesione, i put another meaning, anyway i have a lot to improve


Next time I see this one I am going to put "Let's eat while the soup is hot." I want to see if it will be accepted by DL.


I think it is all a DL guessing game! Aphorism or not!


You'd better correct the transactions then take aray the hearts. It marks incorrect the same meaning paraphrased version.

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