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Unable to advance to the next lessons

I'm trying to get to Present and Demonstrative tense lessons for French but keep getting this error message that says "could not connect to duolingo. Please start session again"

June 15, 2015



For those who encounter the same problem - try to sign out and login again. Click 'Profile' -> 'Settings' -> 'Sign out', and then login. It worked for me.


After being unable to use Duolingo on my iPhone for several days, your advice worked. Thank you.


If the problem persists, I recommend messaging bchan. Be sure to mention what operating system and browser you're using. (For example, I'm using Windows7, Chrome.) Until then, try emptying your browser, Checking to see if your computer needs to do any updates, then signing out and signing back in and trying the lesson over. Also, be sure that your internet connection is stable.


I realized I neglected to mention- I'm using the duolingo app.


It sounds like an internet connection problem to me. But, I'm not a tech. You'll still need to let bchan know more about what you're using, as each app is a little different and the problem could have different causes. So, if it is a phone app, which phone. If you know what version of the app you have that would be great too. If it's a tablet, what version and make. That kind of stuff. :)


I can't advance to the next level = adjectives, tenses etc have tried 2 days


I just checked your stats and it says your next skill is Colors, Lesson 1. Try this link for me: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/fr/Colors If that doesn't work, then just go to your Home tab and click on the Colors skill icon. It should open for you. :)


I'm also suffer from the the same problem on IOS app.However I could log to the website and work without problems which means the connectivity is OK

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