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Danish -English course.

It seams with the Danish course you only learn to speak danish in a very English way will you change this at any given moment plz?

June 15, 2015



Unfortunately we can't change this at any given moment, but we are looking to change the tree in the future with a few words that need deleting/changing. We are currently planning this and the last time I heard that it couldn't go ahead right away was due to technical limitations with "tree-versioning", but we do know about the problems with some words and sentences and we are hoping we can put them right in the next version, but I can't say when it will be because we genuinely don't know


I am learning Danish now, i hope i don't sound like a wandering fool in Copenhagen.


Yes Carl and I tried the Danish course to see how it was (we're both native speakers btw) and it seams that there are numerous of "Denglish" sentences that can quickly be spotted as direct translations from English, and using words that you would rarely/never here spoken such as "nyeligt". We got worried that people talking the course might end up sounding ridiculous to native speakers, and hope that they will keep this in mind when they try to learn the language. Knus og Kram -Andreas og Carl


Unfortunately it isn't conducive to gaining confidence in speaking Danish when keeping in mind that we may sound ridiculous to native speakers. Why have 'denglish' in the first place?

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