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Cannot login my Duolingo iphone account

Last year I used Duolingo practically on daily basis to learn Spanish with my iPhone. I liked it very much. Then I went on a long trip during which I did not use Duolingo and later failed to use it until now. But now I have a problem. I cannot login with my iPhone. If I try on existing account, Duolingo says that my password is incorrect. If I reset the password then I am told that I cannot login because the email address that I give (mine) does not exist. OK, so I try to create a new account (new profile) but then I am told that I cannot because the email address (still mine) is already taken. It is a catch 22. By the way, I can login with my computer (Macbook Pro, OS 10.10.3) but I want to use Duolingo with my iPhone as I was doing last year without any problems (iPhone 6, OS 8.3). Please advise what I should do. Thank you in advance. Claude

June 15, 2015


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